Tonight from 6pm. The LAB opens its doors for a multi media show by @petebennettsart & Joel Smith Lab technicians will be conducting VOX POP interviews and guided tours. There will also be free live jazz from 7pm. The LAB situated in the U-build eco pod next to GROW in MAIN YARD HACKNEY WICK E9 (LAB shown to actual scale on the diorama). The questions we are asking residents and workers of Wick are [WHO ARE YOU? WHAT DO YOU DO? WHAT DOES H/W MEAN TO YOU? RECOMMEND 2 TUNES] The interviews take roughly 30 seconds and are part of a Wick Community Radio show to be broadcast from The LAB, on @wickradio , and will form an archive of one of the most extraordinary, unintentional, social experiments of recent years. Light refreshment will be provided. Please visit the website for further information.